& Mixed Media

Hi, what's up? I'm Benedikt, or just Benny, a generative and mixed media artist from Germany. I work in different areas (film and photography, coding, design) and combine all of them to create a unique and extraordinary visuality. Thereby I have a great fascination for artificial intelligence and creative code and the associated new possibilities of image manipulation and synthesis, through which I can boost my creativity as a human being.

I approach my creative process in a very experimental way, getting inspired by intermediate results of code or artificial intelligence, picking up new ideas and continuing to work on them. So it can be seen as a creative interplay between me and the computer/artificial intelligence, always with the goal to create something exciting and unpredictable. I blur the boundaries between creativity and technology.

My works are vibrant, colorful and above all intense. They show new perspectives on humans and nature and distort reality, create dreamlike worlds, shaped by contemporary technology. They live in the tension between the natural and the technological.

I work in Commercial, Fashion, Scenography and as freelance artist, but am open to exciting projects of any kind.

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